How to Transition Your Career to Something You Love

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019
6:00pm to 8:00pm
Location: 2nd Floor, 638 Broughton Street, Vancouver

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Gallup’s latest report found 67% of people are disengaged at work. That means they don’t feel inspired, fulfilled, or even comfortable at work.

Our career has a massive influence on our quality of life. How often do you feel stressed, unmotivated, or overwhelmed at work? How much of that distress bleeds into your evenings, damages your health, and affects your most important relationships?

You deserve so much more than to spend your days ‘working for a living’. The good news is, there is a new career model that helps you reliable discover what has you come alive and thrive and then safely transition your career. It’s not a quick fix approach, but your experience transforms from quiet desperation to inspiration and motivation right away.

This workshop is for people who:

  • Want to do meaningful work, work that makes a difference
  • Want to create and innovate
  • Want to be inspired to continually learn and grow
  • Want their work to be an expression of who they are
  • Want to utilize their full spectrum of talents and natural abilities
  • Have the courage to be authentic, to share who you are and what matters most to you

This workshop is not for people who: 

  • Just want more money or a promotion
  • Want to fly under the radar
  • Don’t have any passions or interests
  • Think work is just what you do to make money until you can retire

What we’ll cover:

We’ll introduce the New Career Model, TED-talk style. We’ll then dive into interactive exercises and discussions to begin discovering what has you come alive and thrive and how to you can immediately begin using them to start directing and transforming your career.

Jeff Baker Career Coach
Jeff Baker is a Purpose-Based Career Coach. He’s not the regular career counsellor you find at the job bank who itemizes your transferrable skills and gives you a list of ‘good fit’ careers. Jeff has lived and breathed purpose-based career development for the last 15 years, and through a unique combination of teachings, has distilled his work wisdom into the Career Revisioning ProgramTM.


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Contact Jeff at [email protected] or 604-358-8986

Do I have to bring my printed ticket?

What is the format of the workshop?
It’s a mix of distinctions, interactive discussions, videos, exercises, and sharing. Imagine a lively discussion supported by pictures and diagrams, led by a handsome knowledgable leader.

Is there anything I need to bring or prepare ahead of time?
No, just come with an open mind and readiness to have life-changing discoveries!

Sold Out

Workshop Testimonials

…Recently I attended his workshop, and I was blown away by his down to earth personality and unique coaching methodology. After his workshop, I was amazed by his talent to connect with others and his insights on how to build a fulfilled career path. I highly recommend Jeff to anywho who needs to make career changes and wants to live a happy life.
– Workshop Participant

Jeff Baker spoke to the Happen Vancouver networking group. What a great way to start the new year! Jeff’s considerate style and ability to connect easily with our audience made this such an engaging session for us all.
– HAPPEN, Vancouver

Your message of finding and following one’s purpose and vision sparked some great discussion, and I know that each participant has been inspired to explore a future full of new possibilities!
– Ladies Who Launch, Vancouver

Jeff’s messages and material on living your purpose were inspirational and practical at the same time – seeing how to create the vision along with the game plan on how to achieve it.
– Workshop Participant

“I can’t think of anyone better suited to helping people identify their life’s purpose than Jeff Baker. Ancient wisdom and modern methods are perfectly harmonized in his Purpose Process.”
-T.P., Vancouver, BC