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The Hero’s Journey

A Helpful Metaphor

You are embarking on a hero’s journey. A quest to find one of life’s greatest treasures: who you are for this world and how to succeed by being your true self.

You are the hero of your story. You’ll be leaving a familiar world of habits, escaping your career prison, and journeying to a new land you’ve never been to before. On this journey, I am a guide and mentor.

And just like a good hero’s story, you will face great challenges, breakdowns, and breakthroughs. You’ll be learning new things, facing your fears and coming back with a treasure. I am here to give you the greatest chance of success but you will be taking all the actions that lead from one step to the next on your journey.

The final exercise, to get your Vision, will be done by you alone. I will provide all the information, exercises, and support you need in order to see yourself, but only you know how you feel and what moves you. I’ll share everything that helps you get to your destination, but ultimately nobody really knows you except you!

So consider that you are now embarking on an exciting journey, and whether you’ve recognized it or not yet – you are a hero! You already have what it takes to win, and this journey will show you that.

So stay in communication, trust your gut, and you will be ready to slay the dragon (get your Vision) by the end of Vision 3.

If The Hero’s Journey is not fresh in your mind, here is a great 4 minute refresher.

OK, let’s take a look at some other important elements of a hero’s story. These are actually true for any compelling story. These elements are going to help you bring together the people and resources that you will need to change or transform your career.

1. All Great Things Involve Others

Think of the greatest moments of your life. Actually, pause for a second and jot down one or two that you remember right now.

What were you doing? Who were you with?

Did your favourite moments involve others? I bet that they all did, and that’s no coincidence!

Life’s richest moments aren’t when we think to ourselves, paint alone, or hit that half-court shot in the empty gym. They are times of adventure, creation, celebration, or hardship shared with others.

Just like all great things, your new career is going to involve others. It won’t be something that you think up and implement all by yourself, alone in your office-slash-bedroom. During various parts of this program, you’re going to be involving others. (Told you there would be challenge!)

2. Humans are Storytellers

All great moments begin and end with great stories. We are born storytellers. Consider one of the great moments in your life that you jotted down above. What got you involved? How did you feel while doing it? How do you describe it after?

At each step, there is always a story:

  • A story that inspires us to get involved
  • Stories we tell ourselves while we’re doing it
  • Stories we share with others when it’s over

Many of the amazing feelings and satisfaction certain events evoke come from the stories we tell about them, not just the events themselves.

Think of a hockey game. What matters about a hockey game? It’s really just people trying to get a rubber disk into a net. Why do we care? How about people running really fast on a track? Or Martin Luther King talking in a strange tone of voice to a group of people?

What makes each of these extraordinary and emotional is the stories we tell ourselves about them. Stories give things meaning and context.

So why does storytelling matter to your new career?

You already have a compelling story inside of you that is worth sharing with the world. I’m going to help you learn what that is, even if you’re sure there can’t possibly be a great story! This story will help build a bridge between what you want and what you’re creating.

3. People Engage Because of the Story

People don’t engage unless there is a compelling reason – a story they are following, or a story they are creating.

All three of the above stories are versions of the hero’s journey. Even though the people in the audience are not the heroes of the story, they want to be part of it and identify with the hero. They buy tickets, show up, and cheer. They give of their time and energy, and when it’s over, they share the experience with others through stories.

As you discover your own story and learn how to share it with others in service of creating change in your life and in others, you’ll start to discover the power of story and tribe.

When we engage with story, we make it easy for people to care about what we’re up to. And because people love to share that which they have in abundance in service of something they care deeply about, we find that help actually comes straight to us!. People care deeply about the visions their heroes are struggling to realize. You are just such a hero.

This program is going to help you learn how to create engagement with your journey to escape career prison so that you are supported and guided when you need it most.

4. You are the Hero of Your Story

You are embarking on a hero’s journey. It may not seem like it yet, but your vision (story) will be very inspiring and important to people who share your vision. It will be a great joy for them to contribute to your journey, just like it is a great joy to cheer on your favourite sports team or to be part of similar great moments in life.

That is why we are working towards discovering your vision (story). It is the foundation and fuel for everything we do. But what exactly is a vision and how do we get it? Let’s look at that next.

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What is a Vision?