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Program Overview

You might be feeling a bit like the guy above right now. On the edge of something inspiring, anticipating a positive conclusion but not able to see the path. Let’s start with a flyover of the journey, to begin clearing the fog. But first, here’s the minimum you need to know to navigate this site:

Marking Lessons as Complete

It’s best if you do the lessons in order as the concepts build on each other. At the bottom of every page will be a ‘Mark as Complete’ button and a button to the next lesson. Please mark each lesson as complete when you are done. This will help me track your progress and help you know which lessons you are done with.

Lessons Without Exercises

Some lessons, especially in Program Details and Basic Training, don’t have any exercises to complete. Just read and understand the content on the page and then click ‘Mark as Complete’ before moving on to the next lesson.

How to Get the Most Out of This Program

  1. Make sure survivial is handled
    To be creative, do true heart-centered introspection, and connect with people on a deep level you need to be in your relaxed, higher-level thinking brain. If you are running out of time or money you’ll instead have tunnel vision, be focused on short-term survival and unable to do many of the exercises in this program properly. If that is the case for you, please contact me so we can have a conversation to try to resolve your immediate survival needs enough for you to be able to do the program.
  2. Be in your relaxed, higher-level thinking brain
    As per item #1, set aside quality time when you are not stressed, distracted by kids, or need to rush to complete the exercises. You’ll be amazed how much easier they are to complete and how different your responses are when you are relaxed and present than if you’re stressed or getting them done like chores.
  3. Take the lead and do deep introspection
    This program is about discovering who you are, what has you come alive and thrive, and where you most want to employ your time and energy as part of your career. I can ask the right questions and hold up a mirror but only you know how you feel, what you want, and which paths are right for you. As such, take charge of getting the results from this program right from the start. I will line up all the information and exercises for you and support you all the way, but commit to doing the deep introspection and finding your own answers.
  4. Be willing to feel
    We do almost everything because of how it makes us feel. As you do this deep introspective work, know that the answers lie in your body, not your mind. Your mind is a committee of scared children with a couple adults herding cats. Do not stop and think of the answers, stop and feel for them. Quite often your felt answers won’t make logical sense at first, but if you answer honestly, a pattern will emerge over time that absolutely does make sense and leads to the life you truly want rather than a life that checks all the boxes.
  5. Have the courage to be honest
    This is the hardest one for most people. We’re so programmed from childhood to meet expectations, look good, and avoid looking bad that it’s hard for many to even know what their true desires and beliefs are. Also, we so want things to work out that we discard our true desires as ‘unrealistic’ before even giving them a chance. Please don’t do that! That is a recipe for a tragic life 10-20 years from now. During this program, commit to being honest and speaking your true desires and beliefs. We’ll get ‘realistic’ when we need to, but for now let your true self and desires have the mic.
  6. Ask lots of questions
    As you go through the program, make note of anything that is not perfectly clear to you so we can discuss it. If it is urgent, email or call me. If not, bring it to our one-to-one sessions. Don’t be shy! If something is not clear I really want to know about it.

Okay, time to look at where we are going!