Career counselling purpose discovery session

What to Expect

There are few things more empowering than knowing your purpose. It provides clarity, confidence, and a sense of belonging. It is a great first step in creating a life and career around who you really are. However, finding your own purpose can feel like trying to look at yourself without a mirror.

In this 2 hour session, I will take you through a series of exercises that will get you thinking in a completely different way than you have been about career. This session will allow you to speak from your core – the part of you that knows who you truly are and what most deeply matters to you. As you talk, a pattern emerges that speaks of your core values and what your attention and authentic self naturally wants to move towards. This pattern was there when you were 10, it’s there now, and it will be there in the future.

Finding your purpose is literally guaranteed. If we don’t uncover your purpose, the session is free.

Length2 Hours
LocationOnline via Zoom

100% Guaranteed

“Jeff has played an essential role in me clarifying and living my life’s passion and purpose. Jeff listens for the essence of who I am and he speaks with power and clarity, cutting through my feelings of being overwhelmed, to guide me towards the best next step in sharing my purpose with the world. “
-D.C., Powell River, BC