Career counselling purpose discovery session

What to Expect

A big step forward in terms of knowing yourself, what you want for your career and life and how to confidently get there.

By the end of the session:

  • You will know your “Why” or purpose
  • You’ll be clearer on what you really want for your career and life
  • You’ll see at least a couple of the major elements necessary for you to have a successful and fulfilling career
  • We’ll look at a roadmap for how to get to the end goal of having clarity and certainty about your career and your future

How it Works

In this intensive 2-hour session I’ll inquire about your history, ask you a series of questions and put you through several scenarios. Everything is designed to allow you to speak from your authentic self and what most deeply matters to you.

As you talk, patterns emerge that speak of your core values and what your authentic self wants to move towards. Those core patterns are so important to your sense of purpose and internal motivation that they need to be included in any successful and fulfilling career. One of those patterns is your purpose or ‘Why’ which is something quite difficult to find on your own.

Before I take on a new client I always start with a Career Roadmap Session. It gives me the information I need to provide precise, customized coaching and it gives you a chance to experience coaching and confirm this is the right approach for you.

Cost $195
Length Approx. 2 Hours
Location Online via Zoom

“Jeff has played an essential role in me clarifying and living my life’s passion and purpose. Jeff listens for the essence of who I am and he speaks with power and clarity, cutting through my feelings of being overwhelmed, to guide me towards the best next step in sharing my purpose with the world. “
-D.C., Powell River, BC